Treade Seut Blind Flange Valve:

  • Crude oil product

  • Chemical tankers. LPG and LNG carriers.

  • Rigs

  • Refineries

  • Terminals

  • Chemical and petrochemical industries

 Wherever you require security when blinding:

  • Chemicals

  • Oils

  • Solvents

  • Gases

  • Water

  • Steam saturated


Treade Seut Blind Flange Valve


The blind flange valve can be delivered with certificate from any classification society. 

The design meets the requirement of:

  • Full segregation between different fluids

  • Double shut off in one position

  • Safety against wrong operation

  • Drainage of valve body

  • Visual inspection

  • Quality and cost

  • Simple and efficient design

  • Small over all dimensions

  • Full flow


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